Shut Up Juice 5 oz. bottle

Now you can try The Mean Pig's SHUT UP JUICE at home. Adam from Man V. Food did it, can you? You must read the full disclaimer before purchasing. YOU MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING SHUT UP JUICE: By accepting these terms, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the following waiver. You are also acknowledging that you agree with and accept the terms of the waiver below. I understand that I am purchashing a extremely hot sauce, I understand this hot sauce is NOT diluted. I understand this HOT sauce should be kept away from Children, Pets and those with Heart and or Respiratory problems and those adverse to Hot foods. This statement releases the Mean Pig BBQ from any and all liability that I may consider. This includes releasing the Mean Pig BBQ if someone other that the purchaser consumes the HOT sauce.
Shut Up Juice 5 oz. bottle
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Price $30.00